Daily Spirit

Understanding the Spirit

Often, the idea of having spirit is confused with having a soul. However, the soul and the spirit are two different things. Your soul is the inner you and the quantum energy inside your body. Your spirit is the expression of your soul out into the universe.

Some Spirited Discussion

The Latin for “breath” or “air” is spiritus. The spirit emanates from you, like your breath when you exhale. This is the part of you that someone else can feel when you walk in your room. Often, someone else’s spirit can be palpable to you as well. This is intertwined to some degree with the vibes we give off based on our mood, thoughts, and intentions. In fact, it may be the vehicle we use to put our vibes and intentions out into the world. This is why we talk about “lifting your spirits,” or “being in the spirit of things,” as it is something that can be felt, changed, encouraged to grow, and even contagious.

As your spirit is what connects your soul to the rest of the world, to others, and to your own sense of spirituality – unlike your soul it is something that isn’t so much eternal as it is always evolving. Part of manifesting your intentions is being mindful your spirit and the vibrations you’re sending with it into the world.

Mindfulness, positivity, a sense of spirituality, connectedness and intention are some of the things that can grow your spirit and raise your vibe. A healthy, happy spirit can help you be the most amazing version of yourself.